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Who is Tsukotaku?

In the Wargaming.net community I'm mostly known as the founder of Team 20.3cm (Niju-san), a group of top-notch modders that used to make premium quality modifications inspired by KanColle for WoWs. Now I'm finally back to the scene and I'll be making content for WoT as well. I've a lot of experience, and trust me when I tell you that I'll deliver the best Metal/Panzer Waltz mods you'll ever seen.

Help with the hosting

Every or $ donated will be mainly used for the hosting fees of the website and MediaFire service, while keeping the everything totally free from ads (Respecting WG's policies).


Patreon in the making

I'm currently organizing my plans for a Patreon campaign and long term support for my mods. Every contributor will be delighted with special perks (Such a becoming a Tester) and will be eigible to participate in monthly giveaways that I'll be preparing to show my appreciation to my follower base. So keep checking this section of the website and the announcements for more news related to this particular topic!

On a regular basis!


Whenever it's a GUI enhancement, a Skin, some new Maiden on the Tech/Tree or a shiny Crosshair... be sure that updates will be published on the website regularly every week. Just make sure to follow my page on Facebook and profile on Twitter, to make sure you don't miss anything important or relevant for you!

Well... you could also join my Discord server! To remain always in contact with me and the rest of the guys around this place, and entertain yourself with some good memes or simply voice chat.

Like my page!

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About the author

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Modder & Gamer

The IRL name is Emanuele, born in January and 25 years old as of today, currently living in Italy. Makes mods for Wargaming.net titles since 2015.

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